We engaged Norm shortly after a reorganization at our company. Our leadership team has seen marked changes in how our team functions as a result of our off-sites with Norm, so much so, we invited Norm back to work with our Director/Manager level as well. There has been nothing but positive feedback and excitement upon returning to the office after our retreats. We plan to keep our positive momentum going by spending more time with Norm in the future.

We brought together nearly 700 participants from 70+ countries. We needed to change the culture, the feel of the event and infuse the conference with an upbeat and dynamic tone that had been missing.

We brought Norm in to change things. On paper, we hired him as a facilitator, but he came on board as a consultant. He changed a dry training session into a fun interactive learning environment that set the tone for the rest of the conference. I can’t say enough about Norm Hull’s skill as a facilitator and meeting specialist.

We engaged with Norm Hull to provide strategic planning for our organization IC & RC (International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium). I am extremely pleased with his quality of professionalism, leadership, and understanding of our organizational culture.

A few examples of his high‐quality attributes include: The ability to compile our thoughts in one comprehensive plan, keep our board of directors focused on‐point and set clear standards to follow and adhere to while developing our plan. Norm clearly understands how to handle multiple personalities. I plan to work with him again.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

As founder and CEO, I am extremely grateful to you for your interest and passion in working with our team from the years of management seminars you have conducted for our managers / directors to the ever-insightful Senior Leadership Team Retreats we have each year, the skills you have shared with us are now engrained in our strategies and vision.

One of the most important aspects to me in making the investment we do in your services is that I want to see real-time, tangible results in our people. Based on the feedback I personally receive from my people about your seminars and my personal experiences with you, I know it is a wise and essential investment.