Our Perspectives
"TALENT is the constant in 21st century
Value Creation."

Norm Hull
DOES the company value me as an asset?
ARE they meeting me where I am, in my career world,
in my personal world, and with a balance of the two?
ARE they making my experience with the
company as purpose-filled as it can be?
AM I learning and growing at the pace that is right for me?
DOES leadership exert meaningful effort to continually
inspire me to adapt to new challenges?

Our Five-Point Pathway Leads the Way

The aggregate BEHAVIORS of our Talent Advantage 5‐Point Pathway is a system; a system that is embedded in the organizations culture and values and is perpetually‐in‐motion.

With our techniques, insights and experiences the system is learnable, coachable and designed to be customized and proactive to changes in the business environment, its values and purpose.


1. Talent is the Constant in Value Creation -- ACCEPTING

How does an organization begin to develop a Talent Advantage? Will reskilling, upskilling or new hires put us on the right path? Or, does it require more fundamental changes ‐‐‐ a reimagining of our business model?

Our starting point to a Talent Advantage is to work with leadership to shine a bright light on the value of Talent; sustainable change begins there.


Boardroom agendas are inundated with strategic and operational challenges and choices that directly align to the business environment. The workforce challenges of today are new to the agenda, which presents what many view as an uncomfortable paradox: Does a workforce lens or a business lens guide our priorities?

We work with leadership to discover how to see challenges and opportunities through a workforce lens and a business lens. At its core, it requires the organization to respect how the individuality and skills of every person in the organization can come together in a harmonious and unexpected way. In short, the business agenda and the workforce agenda become one.

3. Open an Unlimited Source of New Energy -- CONNECTING

Connecting today has a different meaning for the workforce. Traditionally, investing in training and skill‐development was a clear signal to the workforce that the work they do has meaning. Today that is not enough. The workforce is more about a ‘Hear Me, See Me’ world. Employees want a clear signal that they matter...in their work life and in their personal life.

While many companies holistically embrace both of these signals, it remains difficult for most leaders to connect on the level required ‐ the human level ‐ the individual level. Companies that genuinely embrace Connecting will have the whole organization thinking about how to be part of the strategic agenda of a thriving company. And, they will do it with renewed enthusiasm, motivation and commitment; the products of genuine Connecting.


4. Move From ‘Teams-to-Tapestries’ -- ORGANIZING

Organizational design is back in the limelight as boardrooms look for answers on how to organize in a fast‐moving world.

A new model is needed; a Tapestry metaphor is our answer. An exciting and powerful place to ‘begin’. This model helps leadership discover how to be intentional about the way they bring Talent together and how they purpose the work. They will know how to look to flexibility first and how to capitalize on the collective intelligence of the Talent. And, they will discover the importance of encouraging and perfecting interconnectedness.

5. A Talent Advantage is a Leadership Choice -- SUSTAINING

When leaders embrace the Talent Advantage 5‐Point Pathway they open new dimensions for company performance. These dimensions will energize creative and forward‐thinking; generate new solutions for complex and long‐standing challenges, and surface new opportunities in product, service and market innovations.

Leadership not only brings a Talent Advantage to life, they and they alone, are the energy source for ‘Sustaining’ it.