Our approach guides stakeholders and leadership executives through insights, perspectives, and pre‐requisites that accelerate the creation of a Talent Advantage. We help leaders enrich the relationship between the business and the workforce, and we do it as a natural balanced extension of the organization's culture and value systems. We meet our clients wherever they are on their paths to change. It is an important differentiator that we take great pride in, and to us, it is core to who we are.

Our Programs

“Leadership not only brings a Talent Advantage to life, they and they alone, are the energy source for Sustaining it.”

Norm Hull


Our programs are designed to focus on the 5 Intentional Behaviors and the underlying conditions and actions that make them work for both the business and for the workforce. Through pre‐program discovery sessions, we customize each program to the business environment, its culture, values and the defined priorities of leadership. Our primary focus is to provide each audience member with invaluable insights and pragmatic recommendations, to help them understand and embrace the new mindsets and intentional behaviors needed to create a
‘One‐Agenda’ business... a Talent Advantaged business.

Sustainable Success: Creating Your Talent Advantage

Imagine your workforce focused on your organization's purpose and commitment to the principles that create success in your industry while ensuring Talent is developed, supported, and recognized in the process. Our Leadership Path‐Finder program is a comprehensive workshop that is intended to challenge the present and establish a direct pathway to a Talent Advantage. A pathway that is understood, embraced, and supported by Leadership.

Infinite Value: Creating Your Talent Platform

We work with your Leadership team to help them fully embrace three of the Talent Advantage Intentional Behaviors, referred to as ARC: Accepting,Respecting and Connecting. Together, these form the foundation for the culture, principles and practice changes required to create a Talent Platform......the fundamentals of a sustainable Talent Advantage.

Creating Your Talent Incubator: Essential Behaviors

The five Intentional Behaviors leading to a Talent Advantage are complimentary and in synchronicity with each other. Our Keynote programs are designed to help our audiences understand the power of these behaviors when fully adopted by the organization. What can the business depend on and what can Talent depend on?

Talent-Centric Advisory

In the 21st century, if we have learned anything, it is the knowledge that strategic priorities of a business are tightly linked to the capabilities and motivations of its people.
With our Talent‐Centric advisory program, we work with you to clarify your organization’s business strategy and translate it into a workforce model with supporting tools and processes—all with your people and culture in mind. The need may be as urgent as creating a new Talent‐Branding approach, or as complex as transforming an organization in support of an acquisition or divestiture. We bring innovation, inclusion and pragmatic solutions to the challenges and opportunities of today and to those we see on the horizon.